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Perfecting your Elevator Pitch: An Interactive Faculty Workshop

Workshop Overview

Communicating the value of your research is imperative for your success as a scholar and educator, as well as to the success of your grant proposals. If you would like improve your ability to discuss the greater importance of your research, plan to attend this informative and engaging workshop. This will not be discipline specific, but will engage and prepare the attendee to communicate their research objectives, creative activities—and broader impacts—to a variety of listeners.

Workshop Details

What: Perfecting your Elevator Pitch: An Interactive Faculty Workshop

When: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Where: CAPS Seminar Room (map)


Our workshop facilitators include Tim Chaplin, Neil Charness, Felicia Coleman, Laurel Fulkerson, Larry Lynch, and Theo Siegrist.

Tim Chapin is dean of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy and a professor of Urban and Regional Planning at Florida State University.  Chapin’s current research interests revolve around how Florida’s demographic trends influence urban patterns and transportation systems in the state. Over his career he has secured more than $3 million in outside funding from federal, state, and local governments to support his research. 

Neil Charness is the William G. Chase Professor of Psychology and Director of the Institute for Successful Longevity.  Neil’s research focuses on how best to design and provide training for technology systems that can improve the quality of life for aging adults.

Felicia Coleman, Director of the FSU Coastal & Marine Lab, is a marine ecologist with research interests in species interactions and habitat and a fascination with examining how science is incorporated in policies that affect the management and conservation of marine organisms. She is an Aldo Leopold Conservation Fellow and a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation.

Laurel Fulkerson is a Professor of Classics and Associate Dean.  Her work focuses on Latin poetry and on the study of emotions in antiquity.  Since moving to the Dean’s Office in Arts in Sciences, she has spent a lot of time interviewing job candidates and reading grant applications across a variety of fields.

Larry Lynch has several consulting roles in the FSU Office of Commercialization. He manages the FSU GAP Competition and the “Discovery on Parade” event, helping with funding, visibility, and community outreach for FSU research and creative activities that someday may be commercial products and companies.  He acts as a liaison to the Local Business, Civic and Elected officials in our Tallahassee community. Before joining the FSU Commercialization Office in 2006, Larry spent 30 years as a sales executive with IBM working with Public Sector Customers in the State of Florida.

Theo H. Siegrist is a professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Florida State University, where he is also affiliated with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.


This workshop is being sponsored by the FSU Office of Proposal Development. For more information about other workshops being offered by the OPD, visit the OPD website.


Please contact Rachel Goff-Albritton with any questions.