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Finding Funding 101


Date: Wed., Feb. 16, 2022 from 2pm-3pm

Location: Zoom (link provided to registrants)

Identifying promising funding opportunities is the first step to winning a research grant. In this interactive workshop, ORD's Carolyn Bradley will introduce participants to the most comprehensive funding database available: Pivot.  Participants will learn how they can use Pivot to easily find funding for their research projects from both federal funding agencies and private foundations.  Over the course of an hour, Carolyn will walk participants through the process of creating an account and engineering targeted funding searches.  

*Note:  If you are interested in this workshop topic but cannot make the workshop or need the information before then, reach out to Carolyn Bradley ( for a personal consultation on finding funding.

Finding Funding 101

*If interested, you may attend this workshop as course credit towards the Sponsored Projects Education & Resources (eSPEAR course) certificate program.  This is an educational certificate program offered by the Office of the Vice President of Research that has been designed to ensure that FSU research administrators have the foundational knowledge they need to provide the highest quality of support possible to FSU researchers.  eSPEAR delivers the fundamental concepts of conducting research administration at FSU and introduces individuals to the resources available to assist them in meeting the responsibilities of their position.  This ORD workshop is also offered as part of this certificate series.  To register through eSPEAR: 1. Log in to your myfsuportal; 2. Click "Training & Development"; 3. Click "Request Training Enrollment"; 4. Click "SEARCH BY COURSE NUMBER" and enter ESP11​