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Grant Proposal Editing

ORD provides editorial-level grant editing services including:

  • Alignment with sponsor’s mission

  • Clarity of ideas

  • Persuasiveness of argument

  • Grammar/spelling - copy-editing

  • English for speakers of other languages

Free to FSU faculty! 


When providing editing services, we need a workweek to fit the editing into our schedule.

Contact Mike Mitchell  to request this service.

Note:  At this time, ORD does not edit manuscripts or books. FSU English Department graduate students with editing experience are sometimes available for freelance work (contact for more details). Additionally, a support community and service that FSU subscribes to, the National Center of Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), provides a list of professional editors (Note: Inclusion on this list does not equal endorsement. For informational purposes only). You must sign up for a (free) FSU account in order to access this list: Additionally, check out the NCFDD webinar on How to Work with Academic Editors.

If you are a faculty member looking for assistance with editing an application other than a grant proposal, such as a fellowship or recognition/award nomination, please contact Peggy Wright-Cleveland.  Peggy provides editorial support, including alignment with requirements; clarity of proposal ideas, particularly for out-of-field readers; persuasiveness of argument establishing fit for award/fellowship; copy-editing; and English for non-native speakers.