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Research Mentoring Support

We're here to support a culture of mentoring excellence at FSU!

  • 2021 FSU COACHE Survey Results

    Since this survey was conducted, the Research Mentor Academy has been established with a goal of providing researchers with the support they need to optimize their mentoring relationships. For more information from the 2021 FSU COACHE Survey

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  • What is Research Mentoring and why is it important?

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  • FSU Research Mentor Academy

    The FSU Research Mentor Academy began in 2021 and this webpage of Research Mentoring Resources was also created in 2021. We hope to see continued improvement in mentoring excellence at FSU with superior training and support for mentorship provided to our FSU Faculty, Students, and Staff.

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  • Mission of the Research Mentor Academy

    The mission of the FSU Research Mentor Academy is to promote a culture of support for research mentoring excellence and to provide training in optimizing mentoring relationships for mentors with their mentees at all levels of their research careers.

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These Research Mentoring Resources, including the FSU Research Mentor Academy, are part of an initiative of Research Development in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Development and the FSU CTSA, among others. 

Having an issue with a mentee/mentor relationship?  Reach out for a consultation!