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SouthWest Research Administration

SouthWest Research Administration (SWRA) offers pre and post award administrative services for principal investigators and their research teams at the research labs, centers and institutes under the purview of the Office of the Vice President for Research on the SouthWest Campus.  The services provided by SWRA include, but are not limited to, identifying funding opportunities, developing budgets & budget justifications, reviewing & editing all proposal documents, ensuring proper routing, approvals, and final submission to Sponsored Research Administration or the Research Foundation for the proposal transmittal form, as well as monitoring and reconciling project budgets. In addition, SWRA will prepare and submit documents for project advances and budget amendments.

If you would like assistance preparing a proposal please complete the Proposal Request Form.

For all other inquiries please contact us at

SWRA Staff

Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis Program Manager (850) 644-1069