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Policy for Placement of Funds

The Division of Sponsored Research is responsible for coordinating the solicitation of all proposals for research, development and training projects to governmental agencies and to private organizations. Additionally, the Division of Sponsored Research is responsible for administering contracts, grants and other types of agreements for research and development which are funded with public funds (federal, state and local government). This includes awards from governmental entities as well as awards from private entities using governmental funds to finance the award.

  • The FSU Research Foundation, Inc. is responsible for administering awards funded with private monies for research and development activities of University faculty, staff, and students for which services and/or products are required and where there is a commitment of University personnel, equipment, or other facilities. (As stated above, the proposals for these activities to private entities are coordinated by the University Office of Research/Sponsored Research Administration (SRA), in cooperation with the Research Foundation.) Also, the Research Foundation is responsible for administering income derived from patents and copyrights. The Research Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation and is a Direct Support Organization of the University.

  • The FSU Foundation, Inc. is responsible for soliciting and administering gifts and bequests from private sources for all approved University programs for which no services and/or products are required, with the exception of Intercollegiate Athletics. This Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation and is a Direct Support Organization of the University.

Funds that meet the definitions stated above should not be deposited in an account within the University's Auxiliary Fund. Generally, the only revenues that should be deposited in an Auxiliary Fund account are those that represent payment for services rendered/goods provided by the Auxiliary. Charges for these services/goods are based on rates approved by the University.

It is critical that funds be administered by the appropriate office as defined in this policy, since the policy is based upon provisions in the Florida Statutes and in Board of Regents guidelines.

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