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Limited Submissions

In Limited Submission Programs, the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals a campus can submit. The guidelines for these programs require institutions to screen pre-proposals or nominations to determine which applications will be submitted for competition.

How does the process work at FSU?

The Office of Research Development (ORD) tracks the limited submission programs and posts them to this web site. Individuals interested in applying to a limited program will submit an internal application through this site by clicking the Submit hyperlink associated with the program. If the number of potential internal applicants exceeds program limits, an internal review will be conducted to select the most competitive proposals for submission to the external funding agency.

If your project is selected from the internal competition, you will need to work with Sponsored Research Administration, or the FSU Research Foundation for private funds, in the usual way to prepare, route and submit your proposal to the agency.

Pre-proposal Requirements:

  1. Pre-proposals must consist of a single PDF including:
    • A description of the scope of the project, expected/intended outcomes, the personnel involved, and existing resources, no more than two (2) pages in length
    • Detailed budget (i.e., salary, fringe, travel, tuition, equipment, subcontracts, indirect costs, as applicable) no more than one (1) page in length*
    • 2 page curriculum vitae (Note: if multiple faculty members are part of the proposal, please include the 2 page CV just for the Principal Investigator, and then list the names of the other collaborators on the white paper)
    • Cost sharing commitment letters (if applicable), each no longer than one (1) page in length
  2. Digital approval by the director/department chair and dean is required by 5pm on the internal deadline. Once the pre-proposal is submitted by the PI, the appropriate director/department chair and dean will be contacted automatically via email for approval of the submission. It is the responsibility of the PI to contact those individuals designated to sign for their approval beforehand, to alert them of this upcoming email and to ensure that they have sufficient time to review the application and approve it by the internal deadline. Limited submissions applications are not complete until director/department chair and dean approval is received.

*If the funding opportunity does not require a budget, do not include one in your pre-proposal.

Listing of limited submission programs

Note: This list is not comprehensive. Those applying to a limited submission RFP that is not posted on our website should contact ORD immediately. ORD will review the guidelines, establish an appropriate internal review date, and post the RFP to the website.

Agency Name Program Name Agency Deadline Internal Deadline Specific Limitation Notes Status