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FSU Research Awards Report: December, 2016

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PI/Co-PI Name Title Name Amount
Augustyniak, Rebecca; Co-PI: Finley, Amy Tobacco Resource & Information Network (TRAIN) - Web Support Services 2017-2018 Nebraska Health and Human Services $40,318
Augustyniak, Rebecca; Co-Pis: Finley, Amy; Joshi, Aditya Epi-Core Wbt Course 101 - Phase III Florida Department of Health $10,000
Blomberg, Thomas; Co-PI: Bales, William Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission Research Advisor Project Palm Beach County Board of Court $30,000
Cattafesta, Louis Active Acoustic Liner Technology Boeing Company $386,546
Chambers, Stacy District Instructional Leadership and Faculty Development Grant Florida Department of Education - SDE $6,686
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI: Wilkinson, Suzanne Title I, Part A, Improving the Achievement of the Disadvantaged Florida Department of Education - FEM $271,641
Chambers, Stacy; Co-PI: Wilkinson, Suzanne District Instructional Leadership and Faculty Development Grant Florida Department of Education - SDE $9,159
Chanton, Jeffrey; Co-PI: Wilson, Rachel Illuminating the Pathways to Carbon Liberation: A Systems Approach to Characterizing the Consequential Unknowns of Carbon Transformation and Loss from Thawing Permafrost Peatlands Ohio State University $69,370
Cui, Ming; Co-PI: Lucier-Greer, Mallory Helicopter Parenting of College Students:Strengthening Family Well-Being with An Interdisciplinary Approach National Council on Family Relations $10,000
Dayhoff, Danny; Co-PI: Bujak, David K-20 Mass Notification - Equipment Florida Department of Education - FEM $81,317
Easterling, Katherine; Co-PI: Bass, Henry Cytogenetic Analysis of Humulus Lupulus Hopsteiner $36,472
Edrington, Chris Collaborative Research of Decentralization, Electrification, Communications and Economics (CREDENCE) North Carolina State University $200,000
Edrington, Chris Prototype Refinement, Simulation and Testing of a Non-Rare-Earth Linear Machine for ICE Valve Control SentiMetal Journey $150,000
Ferguson, Michael FY 16/17 Lauren's Kids Web Maintenance and Support Lauren's Kids, Inc $50,000
Ferguson, Michael Development of Online Courses for Family and Educators Office of Public Guardian $60,000
Fincham, Francis Supernatural Attributions - Types, Predictors and Consequences Case Western Reserve University $181,230
Green, Benjamin Office of State Court Administrator Workshop April 18-21, 2017 Florida State Courts Administrator $3,493
Harrington, Julie An Economic Analysis Of COCA's For-Profit Arts, Cultural, and Heritage-Related Businesses Council on Culture & Arts $5,931
Hipes, Daniel Cowbone Marsh Listed Species Survey, Fisheating Creek WMA Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $10,126
Horton, Jeffrey Preventative Maintenance Planning, Training, & Technical Assistance Program Florida Department of Transportation $524,018
Hu, Yan-Yan Surface And Interface Chemistry Probed With Advanced Magnetic Resonance American Assoc for Advancemnt of Science $50,000
Hughes, John Self-Study Guide For Implementing Evidence Based Practices For School Turnaround/Improvement William T. Grant Foundation $9,966
Hughes, Roxanne Scigirls CONNECT2 Twin Cities Public Television Inc $150,052
Jung, Sungmoon; Co-PI: Wekezer, Jerzy Crashworthiness And Safety Assessment Of Cutaway Busses - 2017 Florida Department of Transportation $250,000
Kabbaj, Mohamed; Co-PIs: Duclot, Florian; Liu, Yan; Wang, Zuoxin Epigenetics of Social Bonding In Prairie Voles National Institute of Mental Health $380,000
Kumar, Rajan; Co-PI: Cattafesta, Louis ESTOL Performance for Heavy Lift Transports Using Ultra-High Lift High Efficiency Co-Flow Jet Airfoil University of Miami $152,830
Lemmon, Emily; Co-PI: Lemmon, Alan Anchored Phylogenomics Project (APP-S5) University of California, Riverside $9,504
Lemmon, Emily; Co-PI: Lemmon, Alan Anchored Phylogenics Project (APP-S8) Texas A&M University $13,111
Lemmon, Emily; Co-PI: Lemmon, Alan Anchored Phylogenomics Project (APP-S7) Texas A&M University $13,111
Li, Hong; Co-PI: Stagg, Scott Structures of RNA Processing and Silencing Enzymes in Prokaryotes National Institute of General $353,838
Liang, Zhiyong; Co-PI: Park, Jin Gyu Demonstration Setup of Floating Catalyst Synthesis Process and High Conductive Cnt Tape Samples Orbital ATK $6,000
Locke, Bruce Educational Research Agreement Advanced Fertilizer Systems $50,000
Lucier-Greer, Mallory Evaluation Plan for Army Community Service-Mobilization, Deployment and Stability Support Operations University of Georgia $27,555
Ormsbee, Michael; Co-PI: Allman, Brittany The Effect of Protein Timing and Resistance Exercise on Lipolysis and Fat Oxidation in Resistance-Trained Women Dymatize $5,000
Park, Wan Kyu Quasiparticle Scattering and Tunneling Spectroscopic Studies on Kondo Lattices, Topological Insulators and Superconductors. National Science Foundation $185,564
Pesta, George Evaluation of the Educational Services in the Polk County Jail Polk County Public Schools $15,639
Rodgers, Ryan ExxonMobil Molecular Composition Analysis ExxonMobil $75,000
Rutledge, Stacey Improving Student Academic and Non-Cognitive Outcomes through Personalization for Academic and Social Emotional Learning U. S. Department of Education $2,552,286
Schoonover, Daniel Windover Digital Collection Panhandle Library Access Network $4,435
Schwartz, Daniel Naval Message Traffic Monitoring For Mine Countermeasures Office of Naval Research $49,993
Speer, Kevin Ocean Technology Development: Bottom Drifter Development University of Miami $280,000
Steurer, Michael; Co-PI: Schoder, Karl 1 MW High Efficiency Generator Test Honeywell Inc. $382,804
Steurer, Michael; Co-PI: Schoder, Karl HED Bi-Directional Demonstration L-3 Maritime Systems $86,798
Sussman, Mark Verification and Enhancement of a Model for Nucleate Pool Boiling Problems University of Louisville $20,289
Wang, Yuan Structure and function of low frequency neurons in the avian cochlear nucleus Northwestern University $12,695