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Florida State University is committed to compliance with federal laws and regulations governing exports and ensuring such compliance is consistent with the University's open academic environment that fosters intellectual creativity, freedom to carry out research in an unrestricted manner, and the open dissemination of research results. All activities undertaken by our University community, including research activities, must comply with the export control regulations and University policies, procedures, and standards.

The U.S. export control laws and associated regulations govern:

  • The release of technology, technical data, software, and information to foreign nationals within or outside the U.S.;
  • The furnishing of defense services to foreign persons whether in the United States or abroad;
  • The shipment or other transmission of items or defense articles outside the United States; and
  • The ability to transact with certain individuals, entities, and countries.

It is the responsibility of University faculty, staff, and administration to be aware of the export control requirements under the regulations. The Office of Research provides tools, resources, and guidance on export control regulations and how to implement measures to ensure that projects or activities comply with these regulations. FSU's policy, review process, certification requirements, and education, references, and links to the federal regulations are included below.

Questions about export controls should be addressed to

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FSU's Export Control Policy (7A-10)

FSU's Export Controls Compliance Plan

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Export Control Definitions and Commonly Used Phrases



Export Control References

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