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COVID-19 FAQ for Researchers

Last Updated 10:10 A.M. MONDAY, APRIL 12


How can I find out about COVID-19 funding opportunities and other related resources for researchers?

The Office of Research Development has created a database of funding opportunities and other helpful COVID-19 research related information. You may access it here.

Will we still have access to the libraries and other campus resources?

FSU Libraries are open; see the website for the most up-to-date information:

I'm working on grant applications. Are there any changes in how Sponsored Research or the Research Foundation is operating? 

These offices are operating at full capacity.


Should my graduate student RA still come to work? 

Graduate Assistants are considered students first and should follow guidelines for all students. However, labs are currently allowed to operate as long as social distancing can be maintained. 

What if graduate research assistants have to self-quarantine or isolate because of travel? How will they do their jobs?

Personal travel is strongly discouraged, but not prohibited. Students, faculty and staff traveling domestically are no longer required to quarantine unless they present symptoms of COVID-19 upon their return. Employees who travel internationally or on a cruise should not return to campus until they have quarantined/are symptom free for 14 days. 

Can undergraduates work in laboratories or offices?

Yes, but they must follow social distancing procedures and wear a face covering while they are inside any building. A faculty member, not a postdoctoral researcher or graduate students, must be willing to take responsibility for them. 

Are faculty, staff and students required to wear masks in the lab? 


Events and Travel

Can others come to campus?

Applications to the visiting scholar program from international scholars have been suspended. At this point, other visitors are allowed; see for the most up-to-date information. 

When will international travel be allowed for research? 

This is not yet known. The university has currently banned international travel. 

If I have essential research or field work can I travel during the travel ban?

If you have essential research or field work that you would like to request a travel exception for, email interim VP for Research Laurel Fulkerson ( with a description of the travel, including the purpose, as well as why it is essential during this time. If VP Fulkerson approves the travel request, send the approval to with the traveler’s name and employee ID # (if another employee’s travel card will be used include their employee name and employee ID # as well) to have your Concur Travel profile opened for the trip.


If we have to cancel scheduled university travel, will it be reimbursed?


How shall I handle unexpected grant-related expenses due to the virus?

In order to track spending directly related to the COVID-19 virus, a chartfield has been established in OMNI Financials. If the expenditure is related to an COVID-19 issue, please populate Chartfield 3 field with ‘COVID19’ when entering requisitions, ePRFs, PCards and other expenditures. This applies to all types of funding (including C&G, SRAD, etc.). Please contact Accounting Services at with questions about the mechanics of utilizing this chartfield use in OMNI. Please contact the SRA or the Research Funding regarding allowability of these costs to be charged to grants or contracts. 


I have a CRC proposal involving travel or other activities being affected by the coronavirus.  What do I do? 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of Florida has imposed certain restrictions and guidelines which affect research and creative activities. Impacts include, but are not limited to, work involving travel (both in-state and out-of-state), in-person interactions or interventions, and at-risk populations. If a proposal includes restricted activities, PIs should provide information about how the project will proceed if relevant restrictions remain or increase.

PLEASE NOTE: Proposals that include a funding request for restricted activities will receive a lower funding priority.

Ongoing research projects

Can I continue/start a long-term experiment?

Every faculty member must decide what is in the best interest of their lab moving forward. 

Will research involving human subjects continue? 

Although the FSU Research Expansion has been announced by OVPR, some in-person interactions or interventions with human research participants may not resume yet. The FSU OHSP/IRB provides updated information on its COVID-19-related web page and FAQs.

My colleagues or I would like to conduct research related to COVID-19; what are the FSU IRB review requirements?

All proposed research involving human subjects must be submitted to the FSU Office for Human Subjects Protection (OHSP) to determine what federal regulatory and FSU policy human subject protection review requirements will apply. OHSP and the FSU IRB will as feasible try to ensure fast-tracking of such proposed research.


Will international users still be allowed to use the facility? What about users from other locations from within the United States? 

Users whose research has been impacted by COVID-related restrictions are encouraged to contact their MagLab Facility Director or scientific host to see if remote access, sending samples or working with on-site collaborators is an option to continue their high magnetic field experiments at this time. For more information, visit the MagLab website.