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Office of Research 2023 Goals

Develop people and programs that support research growth and reduce barriers.

  1. Develop and publish a shared vision, mission, and core values for the Office of Research.
  2. Establish a five-year strategic plan for research that identifies areas of strength and opportunity and strategies for capitalizing on these areas (includes campus-wide input).
  3. Work with CADR and other campus leaders to identify and help address the most pressing research needs of colleges and departments and publish a quarterly update.
  4. Evaluate the current organizational structure and services within the Office of Research to identify strengths and gaps.
  5. Create educational and development opportunities for FSU faculty and staff.

Invest strategically to drive creativity, scholarship, and innovation.

  1. Streamline and communicate the SRAD distribution policy and process.
  2. Catalog and evaluate programs, services, and investments to understand return on investment and value to research, scholarship, and creative activities.
  3. Analyze proposal success rates and develop specific strategies to enhance success.
  4. Evaluate research space and core facilities across FSU.
  5. Identify and support strategic initiatives to grow the research and creativity enterprise.

Support the transfer of creative works and discoveries to improve society.

  1. Update and document the commercialization process.
  2. Streamline agreement templates and review processes for industry partnerships, licenses, and startup creation.
  3. Establish data use and sharing principles and protocols.
  4. Develop new ways to recognize creators and innovators.
  5. Inform faculty, staff, and students about the benefits of technology transfer and commercialization.

Promote FSU’s research brand and reputation.

  1. Help establish a research communications and marketing strategy.
  2. Refresh and launch the Office of Research website.
  3. Develop a plan to support the increase of faculty nominations and recognitions from professional societies and academies.
  4. Establish a new program that supports participation in professional development activities to increase visibility and facilitate information sharing and best practices.
  5. Co-host at least one meeting in Tallahassee with a national organization.

Leverage partnerships and collaborations to drive impact.

  1. Establish a corporate and foundation engagement team within the Office of Research.
  2. Identify and prioritize major corporate engagement targets and plan to significantly engage with four of these companies in 2023.
  3. Develop topic area briefings that highlight the collective expertise at FSU that would be of interest to potential partners.
  4. Lead or support two grand challenge opportunities at FSU.
  5. Establish a governmental agency strategy for increased involvement with FSU.


The Office of Research will be a service-driven organization that broadly supports and celebrates the advancement of knowledge, transformative discoveries, and creative endeavors that benefit individuals and communities across Florida, the nation, and the world.


To inspire excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activities that support and promote:

  • a culture of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship,
  • an inclusive environment that values individuals and ideas,
  • collaborations that strengthen competitiveness, and
  • ethical awareness and conduct.

Values that INSPIRE

INNOVATIVE: identifying and embracing novel solutions

NIMBLE: adapting quickly and responding to opportunities

SERVICE: providing support that promotes sustained success

PARTNERSHIP: collaborating to align and support common interests

INTEGRITY: demonstrating ethical and professional behavior

RESPECT: recognizing and valuing individuals and ideas

EXCELLENCE: striving for high quality achievement