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1Clik Licensing

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What is 1Clik Licensing?

1Clik Licensing makes use of standardized license agreements with fixed terms to speed up the licensing process of select FSU technologies. 1Clik Agreements are non-exclusive, non-negotiable, take-it-or-leave-it propositions. Cutting down on negotiation and legal reviews makes licensing 1Clik technologies much more time efficient. It is as simple as filling out an online document. Download a sample 1Clik License here for review.

How does 1Clik work?

1Clik is only available to U.S. companies and entrepreneurs that use Automated Clearing House (ACH) or wire transfers for payment

  1. Press “1Clik” to download a draft License Agreement and make sure to fill in the information indicated in red (all fields must be completed)
  2. Email the draft License Agreement to - a return email is sent to confirm the request, and the document is assigned to the appropriate licensing manager (FSU may seek additional info at its discretion)
  3. Review and sign the official License Agreement prepared by the FSU licensing manager, which is sent via DocuSign
  4. Work with FSU to complete the transfer of licensed intellectual property once the Agreement is signed and payment received

How long does the whole process take?

FSU strives to provide a ready-to-sign 1Clik License agreement within two business days from receiving a request. After the cleared payment is verified (ACH or wire transfers only), the license is sent out and access is given to the technology as soon as practical.

What if I do not like the terms of the 1Clik License?

If you are still interested in a technology that is eligible for a 1Clik License, but the terms do not fit your needs, please email the Office of Commercialization at We will be happy to tailor a license agreement to your individual requirements. Note: this process takes more time than a 1Clik License.

Technologies available through 1Clik Licensing.

The 1Clik Licenses are for select FSU technologies providing several benefits for U.S. companies. It utilizes a streamlined pathway for interested and eligible companies to purchase promising technologies through a standard, non-exclusive, fixed fee or royalty license agreement. Check the list of technology available for 1Clik here.

Key Eligibility Criteria:

U.S. Patents, copyrights, and other IP associated with FSU technologies currently listed for 1Clik Licensing are available only to companies meeting the following terms:

  • U.S. companies in good standing
  • Companies that are not foreign owned, controlled or influenced
  • Companies that do not have any affiliation with FSU or its employees

Companies that do not qualify for 1Clik may nevertheless seek a license to the listed intellectual property through the FSU standard processes.

Disclaimer: Satisfying eligibility criteria alone does not guarantee a License.  FSU reserves the right to determine to whom its intellectual property is licensed.