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Aluminum Oxide Particle Strengthened Niobium-Tin Superconducting Wire

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Principal Investigator:
Jingping Chen
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Nano-particle dispersion strengthened copper is co-drawn with Niobium rod to produce DSC-1 Nb wire. Wires of DSC-1 Nb are stacked in a hollow DSC tube and drawn to form a DSC-n.Nb hexagonal wire. A Tin rod is co-deformed with Copper tube to form a Cu-lSn wire. m DSC-n Nb wires and 1 Cu-lSn wires are wrapped by Niobium foil and placed into a Copper tube. This entire assembly is then drawn to a finished size. The drawn composite is subjected to heat treatment with a final stage at 650-700° C. The new wire has higher electric critical current and higher mechanical strength than conventional wires.