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Career Readiness Modules (ProfessioNole Ready)

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Kyle Roark
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Career Center's Career Readiness Modules, ProfessioNole Ready, are a series of Canvas modules that students complete at their own pace. These modules can be embedded into an existing class or students can access the modules on their own through the Career Center’s website. At the completion of these modules students earn the Career Center’s ProfessioNole Ready badge. The modules include over 100 pages of content with over 200 embedded videos focusing on career readiness skills. The content of many of the videos in these modules contain interviews with professionals from a variety of fields and hiring managers. In addition, students complete interactive assignments throughout the process to gauge their learning on topics such as professional networking, writing a resume, interviewing, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, gaining experience, searching for a job, applying to graduate school, and salary negotiations.  I program uses cognitive information processing theory, complements current resources, integrates into existing courses, and is designed to be completed over the course of an entire semester. ProfessioNole Ready is customizable for any university or school’s needs, including logos, colors, and other identifying marks.



1.) Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

2.) Communication

3.) Teamwork & Cross-cultural Collaboration

4.) Leadership

5.) Professionalism & Ethical Responsibility

6.) Career Management

7.) Digital Fluency

8.) Global Fluency & Social Responsibility

9.) Research