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Ceramic Electrical Insulation Coating on Bi2Sr2CaCu208-x Round Wire

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Hom Kandel
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The present invention relates to an electrical insulation on Bi2Sr2CaCu208-x (Bi-2212) superconductor wire used in high field superconducting magnets. More specifically, it relates to a method for preparing suitable ceramic powder solvent suspension (slurry) and thereby applying thin ceramic coating on Bi-2212 superconducting wire by the dip coating process.


  • Excellent adherence before and after the heat treatment - HT
  • Thickness ~11µm (before HT), ~7 µm (after HT); Break down voltage ~300V (after HT)
  • No large cracks but presence of porosity provides pathways for oxygen getting into the wire
  • No degradation in Ic values or superconducting properties
  • Long length capability
  • Al2O3 ceramic is another candidate for Bi-2212 insulation