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Computer Adaptive Testing Simulation and Analysis Based on Item Response Theory

Tech ID:
17-027 & 17-028
Principal Investigator:
Cody Diefenthaler
Licensing Manager:

WebCatCore is a novel framework for Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) deliverable via the web. This tool takes an input item pool (such as 1P, 2P, and 3P models) and custom test criteria (such as stop rules, standard error thresholds, etc.) and delivers items for administration based on Item Response Theory (IRT) methodology. This easily configurable, plug and play system is an ideal solution for integrating Computer Adaptive Testing into web learning platforms. WebCatCore handles any customization requirements needed by providing configurable variables and consumable endpoints. The logic, algorithms, and methodology are all self-contained within the framework, making the porting process straightforward. Using WebCatCore will drastically reduce development time and cost.

WebCatSlim is a novel web platform which works seamlessly with WebCatCore. This platform simulates and analyzes item pools designed for CAT. This platform loads administering item pools based on custom test criteria, and simulates the administration of the test across a user-defined range of simulated abilities. Once complete, the simulations are analyzed according to industry-standard test evaluation metrics, then visualized into grades, charts, and tables. The simulation results can be exported into data files which can be loaded at a later date. The simulation analysis visualizations support print functionality. WebCatSlim provides a way for researchers and test evaluators to simulate administration regardless of operating system. Additionally, the visualization of graphics, charts, and tables allows experts and non-experts to easily understand and analyze simulated test performance metrics.