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Dendritic Cooling Layer Generator for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)

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Principal Investigator:
Juan Ordonez
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Managing the heat generated in electronics continues to be challenge. This is especially true as electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller while becoming more and more powerful. This is true for almost all electronic components, including printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The current technology includes a dendritic cooling layer that has non-intuitive dendritic structures that minimize peak temperature. Another embodiment of the invention includes a dendritic cooling layer that is compatible with current PCB fabrication techniques. In some instances, the dendritic cooling layer that has an adjustable tolerance to meet fabrication limits.

The innovative technology generates a dendritic high conductivity path suitable for PCBs and identifies a process to manufacture the high conductivity layer compatible to those used in PCB construction. The methodology produces the geometry of a cooling layer for a multilayer PCBs following constructal theory principles.


  • Compatible with current PCB fabrication techniques and methods
  • Unintuitive dendritic structures 
  • Adjustable tolerance to meet fabrication limits