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Fast Compression and Estimation of the Channel State Information (CSI) with Sparse Sinusoid Approximation for Broadband Wireless Networks

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Zhenghao Zhang
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CSIApx is a very simple algorithm for the compression of the Channel State Information (CSI) of OFDM systems. The algorithm is guided by rigid mathematical findings and has with bounded performance. It is very suitable to be implemented in hardware because it involves only a small number of complex multiplications, similar to that of a digital FIR filter. In the illustrated embodiment CSIApx has been extensively tested with both experimental data and the Wi-Fi channel model, and the results confirm that while dramatically reducing the computation complexity, CSIApx still significantly outperforms the existing solutions both in compression ratio and accuracy, in nearly all cases.

Accordingly, the present invention provides an improved system and method for compressing the CSI for OFDM that is accurate and computationally easy to implement.



  • Computer systems


  • Extremely simple
  • Compressed CSI consists of small range of 5 or less complex numbers
  • Easy to quantize and transmit
  • Based on rigid mathematical foundations
  • Resilient against the disturbance of noise