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Hybrid Lithium-Ion Capacitors

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Jian-ping Zheng
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Lithium-ion batteries and electrochemistry capacitors are the most widely used energy storage systems for electric vehicles used today. Traditionally they produce high energy density OR high power density, but not both. Based on the chemical properties of lithium-boron and lithium-carbon, a new hybrid electrochemical device combines the advantages of high energy and high power densities, while avoiding inherent defects. Voltage profiles for cells shows that at low current, the new device has a higher energy density than lithium-carbon alone, and at high current the device has a higher energy density than lithium-boron alone. A Ragone plot proves that this novel device has the advantages of the electrode of Li-ion battery and Li-ion capacitor, balances between energy density and power density, and can satisfy the demand of energy storage systems.