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Interface Engineering for Flexible Radiation Shielding Composites with High Attenuation

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Zhibin Yu
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  • Pending

Numerous materials have been used for radiation protection.  For example, radiation protection materials have been used in articles of clothing, such as gloves, but such materials typically include relatively low concentration of particles, such as concentrations of up to 80 %, by weight, of embedded particles.  Greater concentrations have not been used, because doing so makes it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain suitable flexibility of the materials.   There remains a need for flexible radiation shielding composite materials with high attenuation, including materials that can maintain a desired degree of flexibility at relatively high particle concentrations.  


This invention embodies composite materials including bismuth oxide that may be flexible and include relatively high particle loadings.  These composite materials, therefore, may be flexible, and have very high attenuation properties per unit thickness and/or per unit weight.  The potential uses are improved flexible and stretchable radiation protection material which have potential uses in clothing, gloves, and more.



  • Very high loading concentration of inorganic particles in an elastic polymer matrix.
  • Demonstrated high radiation attenuation without damaging mechanical flexibility.