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Management of High Stresses in Bi-2212 Wire Wound Compact Superconducting Magnets

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Principal Investigator:
Ernesto Bosque
Licensing Manager:
  • 16/390,512

Bi-2212 high temperature superconductor (HTS) has very high current carrying capabilities, high field homogeneity, and long-term field stability.  Low temperature superconductors (LTS) cannot operate in fields beyond 25 T, however, HTS conductors retain the superconducting state at fields above 100 T.  Bi-2212 conductors are relatively weak in regard to mechanical properties, but with one or more layers of high strength, heat resistant pure alumina fiber and/or a ceramic film increases that mechanical strength. The fabric layers are strategically placed between layers of superconducting wire determined by computer models of the stress situation eliminates coil damage.  The invention can be used in other epoxy impregnated magnets and is not limited to Bi-2212 conductor wound magnets.