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Method for Algorithmic Optimization of Active Flow Control Actuator Placement and Parameters

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Farrukh Alvi
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This invention is a system and a method for experimentally finding the best combinations and locations of active flow control actuators for optimization of a desired cost function (i.e., drag; lift; noise; or others). The system implements an automated test bench that enables a computing platform running an optimization algorithm to individually toggle and parameterize active flow control actuators on-the-fly, without requiring prior knowledge of the details of the flow to be optimized. This platform can be deployed to any engineering problem of external or internal aerodynamics (i.e., cars, trucks, trains, aircraft, ducts, etc.) where active flow control is a desirable technology but finding the best configuration of actuators is currently an intractable problem. The proposed system makes such a problem tractable, with many potential applications in the industry.


  • Wide range of applicability
  • Prior knowledge of flow details not necessary