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Motivational Interviewing

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Principal Investigator:
Sylvie Naar
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  • Copyright Number : TXu 2-143-866

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is often recommended as an evidence-based approach to behavior change. It is a collaborative, goal-oriented communication with attention to the language of change. MI is designed to strengthen personal motivation and commitment to specific goals by supporting and eliciting the individual’s reasons for change.

MI is:

  • A style of communication that guides the individual and it resides between good listening and providing advice;
  • Designated to empower people to change by bringing out their own reasons to change;

MI is used when:

  • Ambivalence is high;
  • Confidence is low;
  • Desire to change is low;
  • Motivation to change is low.

Dr. Sylvie Naar has developed a rating scale for coding interactions for competency in Motivational Interviewing and a method of communication to promote behavior change. This rating scale and method require less time and expense for the client and has been rigorously tested in health care settings. Dr. Naar’s rating scale and guidelines for use provide a straightforward method for the use of Motivational Interviewing. This method has been verified in clinical settings and the guidelines are clear and concise.

The rating scale and guidelines are protected by copyright.