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Multi-Axially Force/Torque Controlled Rating Leg Assembly for Vehicle Drive and Suspension

Tech ID:
Principal Investigator:
Christian Hubicki
Licensing Manager:
  • Pending

This device is designed to drive ground vehicles at high speeds and safely over rough and uncertain terrain.  An actuated wheel rotates an arrangement of actuated leg-like contact linkages where both the wheel and each leg mechanism are force/torque controllable at high speeds.  This multi-axial force/torque controllability enables a smooth ride for a mounted vehicle chassis, even over unseen rough terrain and at high speeds.  In effect, a rider on a force-torque controlled vehicle can be made to feel as though they are floating on air, even as the vehicle clamors over rocky ground terrain underneath. 


  • Applications include better maneuverability for high-speed military vehicles, all-terrain emergency vehicles, medical patient transport, package delivery, and interplanetary exploration.