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No-Gap Integrated Coil Form for Superconducting Solenoids

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Principal Investigator:
Tom Painter
Licensing Manager:
  • Pending

A magnet coil winding that produces compact, high current, and high current density coils with features beneficial to high magnetic field coils. The technology produces more compact coils, leading to less expensive high-field magnets that require less structural material due to reduced magnetic forces. And it protects from damage during quench due to lower stored energy.  In addition to reducing the cost of expensive conductor material, a more compact higher-current density, high-field magnets lower costs by moving the current-carrying turns closer to the coil axis where they are more effective in producing field on-axis inversely proportional to their radius from the axis.  This also reduces the radius that proportionally increases the internal magnetic force which in turn requires extra structural material at the expense of space for current-carrying turns.