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Nursing Bra with Integrated Shirt Clip

Tech ID:
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Jessica Ridgway Clayton
Licensing Manager:
  • US Provisional 63/272,426

A nursing bra featuring a clip system to hold a mother’s shirt up for her while breastfeeding.

  • An integrated clip system to easily and comfortably hold a mother's shirt during nursing
  • The system is a single unit, where the clip is incorporated into the strap of the nursing bra itself
  • Can reduce body strain and promotes compliance with health agencies' recommendation on breastfeeding 

The clip system integrates into the strap of a nursing bra and allows a mother to quickly and easily clip their shirt up to allow for access to their breast. The system is made up of two clips, the first that unlatches the cup of the bra that folds down to expose the breast for feeding, and the second, the new patent-pending invention, which unclips to serve as a strap that loops through the hem and neckline of a mother’s shirt and then clips to hold the shirt up and in place. The clip system can work bilaterally for a mother who wants to double pump or who is feeding twins, or unilaterally for single breastfeeding or pumping. The use of this clip system will allow mothers to comfortably sit with a neutral spine position, alleviating back and neck pain associated with breastfeeding. Additionally, the clip system allows a mother to clearly view her breast helping her baby to achieve a correct latch. The combination of aiding with proper latching and reducing a mother’s discomfort should result in a better breastfeeding experience for mothers. It is the researcher’s hope that this invention will be accessible and available to mothers worldwide, helping to increase the rate at which mothers are able to exclusively offer breast milk to their children.