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Rebound and Recovery Professional Certification / Curriculum

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Principal Investigator:
Tai Cole
Licensing Manager:
  • Pending

Rebound & Recovery is an evidence-based program that is the culmination of the efforts of several gifted clinical social workers, psychologists, and early childhood education researchers.  It enables prekindergarten through third grade children to identify their emotions, recognize the sources of their emotions, and develop techniques to calm down when their emotions grow too large for them to handle.Rebound and Recovery is a new way to work with children who are experiencing emotional and behavioral dysregulation by equipping classroom teachers and/or caregivers.  Professional certification uses 15 modules to teach educators about social emotional learning, cognitive behavioral techniques, and how to use the curriculum. This promotes kindergarten readiness and helps with classroom emotional and behavioral managements.


Rebound and Recovery curriculum is ten lessons that provide direct instruction through scripted material, large- and small-group instruction, stories and activities. Lessons include:

How my emotions, thoughts, and actions are connected,

  • What are my thoughts and actions?
  • What is sadness?
  • What is anger?
  • What is worry?
  • What is calm?
  • What is happiness?
  • What are negative thoughts?
  • What is self-care? and
  • What are support systems?