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Scalable Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotube Network-based Strain Sensors with Printed Electrodes

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Shu Li
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FSU researchers have discovered a method that manufactures strain sensors based on carbon nanotube network sensing elements, printed microelectrodes, and flexible substrates.

In one case, carbon nanotube network sheets are bonded to the substrate with epoxy resin, and electrodes are printed on top of the nanotube sheet. In another variant, electrodes are directly printed on top of the substrate, and the nanotube sheet is fixed atop across the printed electrodes. Type A and B sensors achieved positive and negative gauge factors up to 20 and 40 in magnitude. Both the positive and negative gauge factors are one order of magnitude higher than commercial strain gauge sensors. The high performance and flexible nature of the sensors, as well as the capability of scalable manufacturing processes, exhibits promising application potential.