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Selective Treatment of Cancers Having Histone H3 Mutations and Aberrant Levels of DNA or Histone Methylation or Acetylation, or Defects in Homologous Recombination

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Principal Investigator:
Akash Gunjan
Licensing Manager:
  • 17/303,457

Mutations in the DNA packaging and regulatory protein histone H3 and its primary sequence variants drive specific types of predominantly pediatric cancers, including the 10 incurable high-grade brain stem gliomas known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG). Up to 90% of DIPG tumors carry the lysine 27 to methionine (K27M) mutation in histone H3 variants, usually the histone H3.3 variant.  H3 K27M mutant high-grade pediatric gliomas such as DIPG do not currently have any approved therapies and are 100% fatal. The present invention is a therapeutic approach which targets specific molecular pathways that are aberrant only in the mutant tumor cells but not the wild type cells, i.e., a therapy in which only the H3 mutant tumor cells would be eliminated specifically, while the normal cells carrying wild type H3 would be largely spared.

This targeted approach can be pursued is a few different ways that are the focus of this invention.