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Self-Mated Ultralow Wear Perfluoropolymer Composites

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Brandon Krick
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  • Pending

An ultralow wear material pairing for dry/unlubricated sliding and bearing.  Ultralow wear perfluoropolymer-based composites have been realized in the form of a perfluoropolymers filled with organic and inorganic fillers. These systems are typically reported for sliding against steel and other metal countersamples. The present invention considers a paired system in which a low wear perfluoropolymer composite is slid against another perfluoropolymer composite.  This  resulted in a lower wear rate than either system against the traditional steel countersample. This is the first time these systems have been proposed, tested and measured. 


  • Significantly improves the wear rate and/or friction coefficient of already ultralow wear perfluoropolymer composite systems.
  • the steady state wear rate after 1 million sliding cycles in a standard experiment is significantly reduced