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Single-Ion Conductor for Li-ion Batteries

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Principal Investigator:
Dr. Justin Kennemur and Dr. Daniel Hallinan
Licensing Manager:
  • 63/280,382

The present invention is a blend of a low molecular weight polymer with polyelectrolyte polymer having a precisely fixed anionic motif. This material can be used as to create efficient, highly conductive solid-state batteries with low internal resistance. Solid Polymer Electrolytes (SPEs) are materials that can be used to replace the reactive organic solvents used in lithium-ion batteries. SPEs have drawbacks which prevent its wide adoption, such as low comparative conductivities and propensity to develop shorts. Single Ion Conductors (SICs) can overcome these issues by anchoring the negatively charge ion and allowing only the positively charged ion – typically Lithium ions – the mobility to carry the charge. The present material precisely controls the spacing of the negative ions on the polymer background. This material shows excellent ionic conductivity and has transference near unity.


Key Words : Polymers, Energy Storage, Li-ion battery, solid-state conductor, single-ion conductor