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Symmetric Active Quench initiation for Quench Force Reduction

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William Markiewicz
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A method of reducing the inter-coil forces that can result from a quench of a nickel coil in a toroidal field coil set. The superposition of a symmetric induced quench and the initial asymmetric spontaneous quench results in an overall degree of symmetry that results in a significant reduction in quench related force. A nuclear fusion reactor of tokamak variety contains sets of coils, including toroidal field coils. Toroidal field coils are in an array that depends on uniform current in all coils or else an imbalance forces results. This is a way to maintain symmetry in the currents and fields of the toroidal field coil set, by rapidly quenching all the coils in the set in the event there is a spontaneous quench in one of the coils.