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The Tools Upon My Shelf

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Lara Klopp
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  • Pending

"The Tools Upon My Shelf" was written to reach younger children in the program with characters representing large and small emotions, as well as intentionally non-descript human characters, that do not exclude any readers by presenting specific demographics.  It is an effective resource in helping young children to understand, process, and cope with their emotions properly.  This book is currently being implemented in many schools throughout Florida, and its reach is expanding.  The manuscript would be useful to any early educator focused on social-emotional learning.


  • Specific content relates to the Rebound & Recovery Social-Emotional Learning Program developed by the FSU College of Social Work’s Center for the Study and Promotion of Communities, Families, & Children. 
  • Plans are underway for creating additional materials from the book’s characters. Stickers, posters, calendars, notebooks, stuffed animals, and blankets may be available in the future.