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Transparent Armored Windows and Walls Using Novel Materials Such As Steel, Concrete and Wood

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Alexey Kovalev
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Presently, transparent bulletproof windows and walls are made of multilayers of glass. These structures can withstand the impact of the small armor like guns and even the impact of the standard military light personal weapon from a certain distance, yet the hardness and antiballistic properties of these structures are limited by the hardness of the glass.

The proposed inventions use the known hardness of much stronger materials: steel, concrete, special plastics, etc. to protect against the impact of ballistic and types of weapons. The thickness of the proposed walls is not limited and can be made arbitrarily large, with only moderate attenuation in the optical transparency. The invention is not limited to optical frequencies and can be used in the full electromagnetic spectrum with any materials and lenses. For example, lenses can be transparent only for the microwave radiation or for only a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The novel feature is a special combination of optical and constructive elements which provide both protection and transparency.


  • Can be used whenever both the safety and large field of view is required
  • Provide much better protection while retaining visibility
  • Structural elements can be made from any materials, depending on the purpose (including wood, paper, or any other material)
  • All dimensions are flexible and not fixed in absolute or relative terms to each other
  • Modular design allows for easy deployment in the field and portability
  • Less expensive alternative to retrofitting existing structures to support the weight of ballistic glass
  • Ideal for school hardening¬†