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Research Foundation Grant Programs

Grants for Application Proof of Concept (GAP) Funding

The FSURF GAP program is designed to support enhancements of inventions or other original works that have been disclosed to FSU. It funds projects that FSU researchers and other interested parties agree will quickly improve the odds that current research results will lead to public availability of a new product or service.

Since July 1, 2005, the FSU Research Foundation has allocated up to $250,000 per year to provide grants under this program.

GAP projects should reach completion in a year or less. Funded tasks will be performed under the supervision of the proposing faculty member; but may include third party efforts within or outside the University. The Grants will be funded to meet agreed project objectives. Strong preference will be given to projects with regular internal checkpoints, external participation, and funding requirements below $50,000.

Krafft Professorships

The Krafft Professorship Program, initially known as the Eppes Professorship Program, was created in 1999 to attract distinguished senior scholars to Florida State University. The faculty members hired as a part of this program are called the Krafft Professors in honor of the late Marie Krafft, who joined the FSU faculty in 1984 and gained widespread recognition for her contributions to organometallic chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry. She mentored numerous graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. In 2009, she received the University Undergraduate Teaching Award in recognition of excellence in teaching.

The funding for this program comes from the funds FSU received from the commercialization of Taxol, the synthetic anti-cancer drug developed by Krafft’s husband, Professor of Chemistry Robert Holton. This drug saved countless lives worldwide and allowed administrators to create this special designation to attract to FSU some of the university’s most accomplished scholars. Each full-time Krafft Professor is provided with significant annual funds to support their scholarly endeavors, such as professional travel, stipends for graduate assistants or post-doctoral assistants, scientific equipment, materials used for research and creative activities and similar uses.

Currently Funded Krafft Professors

  • Robert Butler Jr. (English)
  • Anne Coldiron (English)
  • Suzanne Farrell (Dance)
  • Gerald Ferris (Psychology/Management)*
  • Laura Greene (Physics)
  • Max Gunzburger (Scientific Computing)*
  • Leonard Lapointe (Communication Disorders)*
  • David Larbalestier (Magnet Lab)
  • Charles Mcclure (Information)*
  • Gary Taylor (English)
  • Ellen Zwilich (Music)


*Denotes funded retired Krafft professors 

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