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General Policies and Procedures:

  • All expenditures must be reasonable and in support of research at FSU. Expenditures of personal benefit are inappropriate. (Section III, Business Manual)

  • With 3 exceptions, payment request documents for $2,500 or less require only the signature and/or the approval of the Principal Investigator (Section III, Part D, Business Manual)

  • Delegation of approval/signature authority must be in writing. (Section III, Part F, Business Manual)

  • The per diem allowance(s) for travel (both U.S. and foreign) will be paid in accordance with FSU rates in effect at the time the travel occurs. With PI and department approval, actual (and reasonable) cost for meals may be reimbursed.(Section III, Part C, Business Manual).

  • The threshold applicable to tangible personal property is $5,000 -- i.e. usually, property records will not be maintained on items costing less than $5,000, however, for indirect cost purposes, the acquisition value of property is $1,000 for classifying it as major equipment. (Section III, Part G, Business Manual)

  • The University's policy regarding the placement of funds was dated April 5, 1994 to reflect the FSU Research Foundation (the policy can be viewed here).

  • The Research Foundation administers all patent and copyright royalties and distributes them in accordance with University Policy. A summary of the distribution process can be viewed here.

  • For more detailed information refer to the Business Manual.


    Business Manual and related Appendices can be requested from FSURF staff.

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