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Our Team's Mission is to "Strengthen Research Competitiveness"

Our strategies to achieve this goal are the following:

Equip Researchers for Success

Contributing the catalytic and strategic support (technical assistance, learning opportunities, and resources) needed for FSU researchers to be successful.  

For Example By: 

  • Providing proposal development support (planning, production, proofing, peer review)
  • Distributing funding opportunity announcements
  • Extending strategic planning and programming, targeting early career faculty 
  • Training faculty in how to locate funding
  • Offering professional development & research development sessions and information on opportunities, agencies and topics necessary for research success
  • Training researchers to be effective mentors to junior faculty and students

 Build Connections

Providing the technical assistance, discovery opportunities, and infrastructure/tools/resources needed to help the research community build valuable research partnerships and networks. 

For Example By: 

  • Creating opportunities for peer-to-peer faculty interaction and engagement such as collaborative collision events.
  • Conducting team science training to help establish healthy team dynamics
  • Elevating the internal awareness of research and creative activities of faculty

Invest in Promising New Ideas and Researchers 

Cultivating in-house funding programs to enable researchers to strategically leverage internal awards to achieve external grants.

For Example By: 

  • Overseeing the Collaborative Collison seed funding program for team/project development
  • Managing Internal Funding Programs including summer salary support and multidisciplinary instrumentation support

Promote a Culture which Helps Research to Flourish

Fostering an organizational culture that is supportive, proactive, professional, and friendly to nurture a successful research enterprise. 

For Example By: 

  • Participating in needs assessment activities and faculty meetings to gauge faculty needs
  • Distributing research-related information and providing programs, such as research mentoring training, to meet the diverse needs of the faculty
  • Honoring and encouraging outstanding research and creative accomplishments

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Video filmed and edited by Evangeline Ciupek.