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Technology and Society

Fall 2020

“We have more data and technology than ever in our daily lives and more social, political and economic inequality and injustice to go with it.”
- Safiya Umoja Noble, Algorithms of Oppression

Collaborative Collision: Technology and Society focuses on research related to how science and technology are influenced by societal factors, and how society is in turn affected by developments and progress in science and technology. This includes work using historical, philosophical, and social scientific methods to investigate the intellectual, material, and social facets of science and technology.

This program features 38 FSU researchers, and an opening presentation by Dr. John Parker of the National Science Foundation. Dr. Parker discusses opportunities for technology and science funding at NSF, as well as advice for building new interdisciplinary teams.

Collaborative Collision focuses on the individual's research background and interests. Our Research Profiles discuss each participant's expertise, and specific ways they can help, or be helped by, a collaborator.

Who attended?

Collaborative Collision: Technology and Society featured presentations from 38 research community members who have completed or are conducting research related to technology and society topics. Participants came from a variety of STEM, Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities disciplines.


First Name 

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Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tra Bouscaren Assistant Professor of Critical Art Practices (Department of Art)  and Co-Director of the Expanded Cinema Lab
Aimee Boutin Modern Languages and Linguistics
Hongyuan Cao statistics
Russell Clayton rclayton@fsu.ed Communication
Vanessa Dennen Educational Psychology & Learning Systems
Kassie Ernst College of Engineering
Maximilian  Etschmaier Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain
Kerry Fang Urban and Regional Planning
Daniel Fay Askew School of Public Administration and Policy
Arienne Ferchaud School of Communication
Zhe He School of Information
Shuyuan Mary Ho School of Information
YANYAN HU chemistry & biochemistry
Renaine  Julian Libraries
Aline Kalbian Religion
Meegan Kennedy English/History and Philosophy of Science
Paul Marty School of Information
Patrick Merle School of Communication
Lorri Mon School of Information
Andy Opel Communication
Horacio Rousseau Management
Rob Schoen School of Teacher Education and Learning Systems Institute
guangzhi shang Business Analytics, Information Systems & Supply Chain
Jonathan Stewart Department of Statistics
Caroline Stratton School of Information
Crystal Taylor DeVoe L. Moore Center
Meredith Thomas Marketing
Camille Thomas University Libraries
Zina Ward Dept of Philosophy
Jeff Whalen Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship
Cynthia Yang Economics
Roxanne Hughes National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Tyler McCreary> Department of Geography
Lara Perez-Felkner Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Xiaonan Zhang Computer Science