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The Collaborative Collision Seed Fund provided over $500,000 to 36 teams from 2018-2021.

Learn more about these projects and their success below!

Project Title: Traumatization Following Major Disasters: Positive Media and Posttraumatic Growth

PI: Arthur A. Raney, School of Communication

Co-PI: Amy L. Ai, College of Social Work

Co-PI: Jessica Wendorf Muhammad, School of Communication

Award Amount: $24,864             Project Period: January 2019-December 2019

Project Title: Immunodetection of Meat Adulterants using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

PI: Daniel Hallinan, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Co-PI: Qinchun Rao, Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences

Co-PI: Richard Liang, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Award Amount: $25,000             Project Period: August 2019-December 2020 (extension)

Project Title: Testing a Responsive Feeding Intervention in a Group of High-Risk Mother-Infant Dyads

PI: Jessica Bahorski, Nursing

Co-PI: Mollie Romano, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Co-PI: Julie May McDougal, FSU Early Head Start Program

Award Amount: $21,052             Project Period: September 2019-August 2021 (extension)

Project Title: Differential Vulnerability to Tornado Impacts in Communities of the Rural U.S. South

PI: James Elsner, Geography

Co-PI: Tisha Holmes, Urban and Regional Planning

Co-PI: John Mathias, Social Work

Co-PI: Tyler McCreary, Geography

Award Amount: $10,610             Project Period: October 2019-March 2021 (extension)

Project Title: Embedding-based Knowledge Graphs for Critical Biomedical Applications

PI: Xiuwen Liu, Computer Science

Co-PI: Zhe He, Information

Co-PI: Chao Huang, Statistics

Award Amount: $24,835             Project Period: August 2020-September 2021

On April 10th,2020 the Office of Research Development (ORD) hosted a special edition of the Collaborative Collision interdisciplinary networking event focused on research related to the then developing COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual event was attended by 38 FSU faculty presenters from a wide variety of Colleges, Departments, and Centers, as well as an additional 57 members of the FSU and local Tallahassee community.

The Collaborative Collision: COVID-19 Seed Fund provided over $400,000 for 26 start-up projects during the summer of 2020. As of September 2020, these projects have resulted in a total of 76 publications and/or grant proposals submitted or planned for submission by the end of 2020.

Project Title: Applying Bystander Interventions to Racial Microaggressions in a Student Population

PI: Laura Reid Marks, Educational Psychology and Learning Systems

Co-PI: Lyndsay Jenkins, Educational Psychology and Learning Systems

Co-PI: Lara Perez-Felkner, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Award Amount: $24,970             Project Period: March 2021-February 2022

What happens after Collaborative Accelerator?

Teams that are funded by the Collaborative Accelerator program receive additional guidance and development support from the Office of Research Development. Unfunded teams are encouraged to meet with Collaborative Collision staff to refine their proposals and seek external funding. All proposal pitches are featured on the Collaborative Collision webpage and used by the Office of Research to match teams with funding opportunities and investors.