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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between Collaborative Collision and Connector?

Connector is the first event in the Collaborative Collision program. Collaborative Collision was previously a singular event, but with the launch of Collaborative Collision 2.0 our program now includes Connector, Incubator, and Accelerator.

Who should participate in the Collaborative Collision program?

Collaborative Collision is primarily designed to bring together active researchers at FSU, as well as individuals working on programs that could benefit, or benefit from, connections with research programs. We typically consider this to include tenure-track and research faculty, post-docs, programmatic implementation staff, and specialized and teaching faculty. We also welcome research support and development staff, university administrators, and graduate students as observers at our Connector and Accelerator events. Undergraduate students may attend only if accompanying a faculty member.

Can Students participate?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate student (both graduate and undergraduate) participation.

How often will Collaborative Collision 2.0 occur?

Each series (Connector, Incubator, Accelerator) will occur once each Spring and Fall semester. The program is timed to start and end with the academic calendar. Connector and Accelerator are singular events, and Incubator is a 10-week series with meetings as often as your team and guide decide are necessary.

How do I sign up?

Registration for Collaborative Collision typically opens in the first weeks of each semester and will be announced by the Vice President for Research. Registration for Connector and Incubator occur separately, while Accelerator is an invitation-only event.

Who is eligible to compete for the Accelerator award?

Only teams that complete the Incubator series may compete for the Accelerator award. Specific guidelines regarding eligibility and process are provided to teams at the beginning of Incubator. Please note that in general only Tenure-track and Research faculty are eligible to serve as Principal Investigator on Accelerator awards.