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One-on-one Consultations

Early-Career Research Development Program

To support your research goals and proposal development, we cultivate Strategy, Skill Development, and Capacity Building in research

Build Research Capacity

  • Research Development Strategy Consultation
  • Position Yourself as a Competitive Candidate
  • Finding Collaborators or Area Experts
  • Seminars, Events & Training
  • Other Campus Research Development Resources

Strategic Planning

  • Proposal Development Strategy Consultation
  • Developing Timelines (e.g., 5-Year Plan) for Proposal Submissions
  • Find Funding
  • Understanding Sponsors
  • Determining Research Needs
  • Creating Logic Models for your Project

Develop Your Proposal

  • Tools & Templates
  • Review Examples of Proposals
  • Developing Proposal Sections, e.g., Responsible Conduct of Research, Data Management, Mentoring Plans, Education and Outreach, Letters of Support

One-on-one meetings/consultations are offered to all first year assistant professors. 

During these sessions, we learn about your research and discuss resources and strategies to provide a research road-map to take you from your first semester on campus to tenure.

Purpose of the program is to provide:

  • Coaching through needed next steps, assessing need and planning goals
  • Accountability and structure
  • Guidance towards grant activities and university resources

We'll provide you with navigational tools across the offices within the FSU Office of Research, grant writing resources, information on research networking events and faculty workshops, and a reflection tool for your research development plan towards grantsmanship, discussing your needs and goals with follow-up support offered. 

ORD reaches out to all assistant professors in their first year to offer this opportunity and provide information about ORD. 

As part of this program, you can choose to meet once, twice, or even every 4-6 weeks during your first year on campus. If your first year is not the best time for you to participate in this program, reach out during another Fall semester that's more appropriate for you. If you have not been contacted and would like to participate in the program, please contact Rachel Goff-Albritton to schedule your first meeting.

If you've already met with someone from the RD team, please complete our brief survey to provide feedback on your experience.


For funding by discipline, including some opportunities specific to Early Career Faculty, view our Funding Bulletin. Check out John Hopkins University's database of Early Career Funding Opportunities.