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Large, Complex and Multi-Disciplinary Grants Assistance

You provide the research, you provide the content, ORD provides you with the tools and resources to bring it all together!

  • Funding Opportunity Identification

    ORD provides assistance in locating appropriate funding opportunities to match your research interests. Please visit our Funding Opportunities tab to learn more about our funding resources.

    You can also contact ORD directly for a custom funding opportunities search.

  • Collaborator and Partner Identification

Many funding opportunities call for multi-disciplinary teams to study a topic from many different angles. For others, a proposal involving faculty from complementary fields increases the chances of a successful proposal. 

ORD provides assistance in recommending and introducing FSU-based faculty who can bring additional, complementary expertise to your proposal. Just fill out our Collaboration Request, and ORD will contact you as soon as possible!

ORD can also help identify external collaborators at other institutions, or potential project partners in local or state agencies, non-profit groups, or private industry. Contact ORD directly for assistance in identifying external partners.

Broader Impacts Resources

  • Graphic Design Assistance
  • Proposal Coordination 
    • ORD utilizes a project management style approach to proposal development including:  
      • Coordinating meetings (virtual and in person) of the proposal team
      • Tracking receipt of requested items and follow-up with team members
      • Facilitation of online proposal document sharing
      • Collecting and organizing bio-sketches and letters of support
      • Development of proposal development timeline, working backwards from deadline
      • Coordination of faculty peer pre-review
  • Reviewing and Editing
    • ORD provides editorial-level review focused on:
      • Style, flow, and compliance with funding solicitation specifications
      • Addressing all proposal merit review criteria
      • Establishing the importance of, and "selling" the research to the funding agency
      • Coordinating peer grant review of proposals
      • Formatting and stylistic editing
      • In-depth review for English as a Second Language speakers

Contact ORD today for proposal editing assistance!