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Collaboration Resources at Florida State University

Collaborative Collision

Collaborative Collisions are interdisciplinary networking events hosted by the Office of Research Development. These are topic driven, and have been done with large topic areas as well as more targeted areas of interest. Informational sites are created following the event so that researchers can access the information at their convenience. Have an area of interest that you believe would be good for a Collision event? Contact the ORD staff to discuss at any time.

Click here to access prior Collaborative Collision event information.

Collaborator Request Form

Want us to help you get started? Fill out our collaborator request form, a tool to directly ask ORD staff for a recommendation. ORD works with faculty across many different disciplines, and has extensive knowledge of faculty research interests. Simply fill out this form with your contact information, project summary, and a description of your needed collaborator, and ORD will provide you with a list of potential collaborators.  Then you can decide if they match your needs and whether you would like to contact them or have ORD introduce you.

When to use: When you are looking for someone on campus, or even from other universities in Florida, with specific expertise, you can ask ORD directly for a recommendation. We will respond quickly with the best matches for your request. 

FEAS: The Faculty Expertise and Advancement System

FEAS is a web application that contains CV information for all FSU faculty. Information includes publications, grants, educational history, self-identified keywords, and more.

FEAS can perform simple or advanced searches by keyword. FSU login required.

When to use: FEAS is best used as a starting point. Its main advantage is the ability to search the entire FSU faculty for expertise in a specific area(s).

Search for Experts in FEAS+

Florida ExpertNet is a statewide portal of applied research expertise in Florida's universities. With one quick search users can identify relevant:

  • experts (principal investigators)
  • funded research projects
  • centers and institutes
  • technology licensing opportunities
  • speakers
  • instructional programs

Florida ExpertNet was established in 1999 and is operated by the Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) at The Florida State University in conjunction with the State University System of Florida Board of Governors.

The Florida Research Development Alliance

The Florida Research Development Alliance (FloRDA) consists of research development professionals and administrators from Florida universities, colleges and other institutions engaged in research. FloRDA members share best practices and facilitate collaborations in order to foster multi- and interdisciplinary research efforts within the State of Florida.  Contact any member of the FSU ORD team, or complete the Collaborator Request Form above, to help you identify collaborators in any research institution in Florida.

Pivot Profiles

The Profiles section of the Pivot funding database provides a searchable format for locating faculty members both within FSU and beyond.  Use this tool for finding potential collaborators or to see who else at FSU or around the globe might be interested in similar research activities.  You will need to log in to Pivot to use this service, which is free and available to all FSU faculty, staff and students.

Get more intelligent funding recommendations through Pivot’s automatic citation ingest from ORCID