Sponsored Research Administration (SRA), a unit under the purview of the Vice President for Research, is responsible for pre- and post-award functions of the university for awards with public funding (federal, state, and local governments) and public funding that is flowed through private organizations.

SRA Updates
  • 3/6/2015 - REMINDER OF 3 WORKING DAY RULE FOR PROPOSALS - Sponsored Research Administration (SRA) has received a number of proposals with sponsor deadlines less than 3 days awayand many with sponsor deadlines on the same date of receipt.  This is a troubling trend which can jeopardize a successful proposal submission and ultimate award.  Therefore, it is necessary to review the Proposal Submission Policy 7A-19 which states that completed proposals are required at SRA by 9 am three working days prior to the agency deadline.  This requirement is to ensure that sufficient time is allocated for proposal review and processing within SRA.   
  • 2/19/2015 - Proposal Transmittal Form
  • 2/19/2015 - Facts Sheet - Updated to reflect the F&A Rate Agreement date of 06/26/2014.
  • 2/5/2015 - F&A Rate Agreement
  • 1/5/2015 - SRA Staff Assignment Sheet with new Pre-Award Department-based Assignments
  • Subrecipient Commitment Form - If another entity is identified in a proposal to carry out a significant portion of the proposed work, a formal commitment from the entity is required before the proposal is submitted. The Subrecipient Commitment Form will serve as the formal commitment from the subrecipient’s authorized official. The form has been created to collect required information about the subrecipient and will facilitate the processing of a sub-agreement at the award stage, if the project is funded.
  • Subrecipient or Contractor/Vendor Determination Guide - This form is used to determine whether a person or entity in an award should be paid as a contractor/vendor or as a subrecipient.

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