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Tools and Resources to Locate Funding

The Research Development Finding Funding Module

Research Development is happy to provide this unique module for those who may be new to applying for funding, or may be unaware of resources available at Florida State University. Please click on the garnet box below to begin this training.

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Get started on your funding search with Pivot, an easy-to-use searchable database for finding funding opportunities. Pivot provides information about funding sources for science and non-science researchers.

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Research Development Subscription Portal

Sign up to receive notices of funding, grant writing information, and other tools and services to aid in your grant writing and research development.

Funding Bulletin

Tables showcasing funding opportunities with upcoming deadlines, with tabs for Limited Submissions programs, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Health, Science & Technology, and Other & Multidisciplinary.

Council on Research and Creativity (CRC) Internal Funding

The CRC Provides internal funding opportunities including eight competitive programs and four honorary programs for FSU faculty.

FSU Internal Funding Sources

Find funding for your activities from programs throughout the FSU campus.

Funding for the Humanities: Specific Resources for Humanities Faculty

Funding resources particularly geared toward faculty in the Humanities. 

Funding for the Arts: Specific Resources for Arts Faculty

Funding resources particularly geared toward faculty in the Arts.

Limited Submissions Opportunities

Limited Submissions are  funding opportunities in which the sponsor only allows a specific and limited  number of proposals from a given institution. 

Keyword Searchable Funding Databases

Links to databases where you can perform keyword searches to identify relevant funding opportunities or funders.

Federal Agency Funding Opportunity Pages

Links to agency funding websites.