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About the Office of Research

Research and creative activity is about impact.

At Florida State University we ask the big questions. We build partnerships. We innovate. We solve problems and make an impact.

Our faculty and students pursue real-world solutions in sciences and engineering while enriching our knowledge and experiences through the arts and humanities.

Florida State is where the life-saving drug Taxol was first synthesized. It’s home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory where every day, scientists make breakthroughs in materials, biomedical research and energy. It’s where dedicated researchers are working daily to ensure all children at reading at grade-level by second grade.

At Florida State, we pursue knowledge and solutions to make the world a better place.

Our Staff

The Florida State University Office of Research is the administrative arm that supports these researchers in their scientific and creative endeavors. Managing on average more than $328.6 million in research awards from state, federal and private sources, the Office of Research staff focuses its efforts on helping faculty move their work forward at every stage of the research process from identifying potential funding opportunities to protecting intellectual property to identifying potential industry partners.

About The Vice President for Research

Vice President for Research Stacey Patterson, directs the Office of Research and the university’s more than $300 million research enterprise, including research centers, programs and institutes.

Contact Us

The Office of the Vice President for Research is located in Westcott North, with several units spread across the FSU campus. The main office line is 850-644-9694.