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VP Office Staff

Laurel Fulkerson
Laurel Fulkerson Interim Vice President for Research 850-645-4940
Norman Anderson
Norman Anderson Assistant Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs (850) 644-9694
Kerry Peluso
Kerry Peluso Associate Vice President for Research Administration and Finance (850) 644-8664
Eric H. Holmes
Eric H. Holmes Assistant Vice President for Research (850) 644-5929
Mark Riley
Mark Riley Special Advisor to the VP (850) 644-2867
Michael Shatruk
Michael Shatruk Faculty Representative to the OVPR (850) 417-8417
Mary Jo Spector
Mary Jo Spector Director, Research Facilities Design, Construction and Maintenance (850) 644-8313
Jenn Garye
Jenn Garye Director of Business Operations (850) 644-1385
Kelly Starke
Kelly Starke Special Assistant to the VP (850) 644-8636
Kathy Lynn Sanders
Kathy Lynn Sanders Senior Accountant (850) 645-5752
Brianna Marshall
Brianna Marshall Admin Specialist, HR & Finance (850)-644-8660
Jerad Yates
Jerad Yates Instructional Designer 850-644-1380
Dan Mullins
Dan Mullins Research Administration Software Support Director (850) 645-9387