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Corporate Members

It has proven critical for the collaboration between academia and industry to develop new technology for real world applications based on fundamental understanding and new discoveries. Industries often provide business drivers for academic research. In return, academic discoveries provide industries new opportunities for business adventure and advantages.

FFI is actively seeking up to 6 industrial collaborators as corporate MEMBERS to support core research programs. Each of these corporate members will be asked to provide $250,000/year for 4 years. The MEMBER may terminate the membership by giving the INSTITUTE 30 days written notice prior to the membership renewable date. See Appendix B for membership agreement.

Within a year (anticipated by Q1, 2012), the FFI will form a Member Advisory Council with consensus of MEMBERS for the selection, discussion and negotiation of themes or projects of common interest to and suitable for sharing by all MEMBERS. Only MEMBERS will be eligible to serve on the Member Advisory Council and attend FFI Advisory Council Meetings. Members may have more than one representative in attendance at FFI Advisory Council meetings. However, each corporate member will have one vote (in support or against) for each proposed current and future research projects.

BENEFITS for Members and Collaborators

The benefits for the FFI MEMBERS and COLLABORATORS include:

  • Access to world-leading expertise on chemical composition and processing of fuels with >100 years accumulated experience.
  • Access to world's prestigious characterization laboratories, including highest-resolving power mass spectrometers (21 tesla FT-ICR MS funded at $18M )
  • Access to a comprehensive fuels chemical database (100,000+ elemental compositions)
  • Access to beta-site developments for GCxGC TOF/MS, (LECO/Woods Hole), informatics, TOF MS (Waters), etc.
  • Access to preprints before publication
  • Access to well-trained professionals and postdocs for research collaborations
  • Access to related FSU patents, pursuant to the terms in the Bylaws (e.g., identification of potential deposits, extension of electrospray and atmospheric pressure ionization to a fuller range of analytes, etc.)
  • Participation in state-of-the-art modeling of fuel properties and behavior prediction, based on existing quantitative (but bulk) measurements integrated with molecule-specific (but not yet quantitative) FT-ICR MS
  • Access to novel instrumentation and training for current/future employees (have already placed recent Ph.D.'s at major oil and chemical companies)