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FSU Invention Disclosure Form and Inventor Information

The process of submitting invention disclosure forms has moved from hard copy to online. You can find the link to this new portal by clicking below. Once you are in the portal, please register your account or log in. The disclosure takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete, once your information has been gathered.  The basic information that you will need includes:  1.) a description of the invention, 2.) a list of inventors/creators and their contact information, 3.) a list of industry interest or any companies as possible licensees, and 4.) a list of funding sources with grant/contract numbers (if applicable).

Inventors receive a share of the Royalties or other income resulting from their inventions


When a U.S. patent is issued on an invention assigned to the University, the inventor(s) will receive a $500 payment. Royalties or other income resulting from inventions in which the University takes title will be distributed as follows: 85 percent to inventor(s) for the first $10,000; 15 percent to University.

Once the $10,000 plateau has been reached, net income (gross royalties minus direct costs of patenting, licensing, legal, and other related expenses) will be divided as follows: For net income in excess of $10,000: 40 percent to inventor(s), 30 percent to dept. or unit or both, which inventor is member; 30 percent to University. 



For the first $10,000:   

  • 85% to Inventor(s)
  • 15% to University (FSU Research Foundation)

Once the $10,000 plateau has been reached, net income (gross royalties minus direct costs of copyright protection, licensing, legal, and other related expenses will be divided as follows:

  • 50% to Author(s)   
  • 50% to University to be divided as follows:       
    • 25% to FSU Research Foundation
    • 25% to the Author(s) Academic Unit(s) 

FSU IP Policy is contained in the Faculty Handbook, section 6.19. See below for further reading about the commercialization process at FSU:

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