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Collaborative Collision: Big Data

October 28th, 2019  4-7 p.m.    

FSU Alumni Center

Keynote Presentation

Kate Zwaard

Director of Digital Strategy

United States Library of Congress

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Collaborative Collisions are interdisciplinary networking events for Florida State University researchers. Hosted by the Office of Proposal Development, Collaborative Collisions allow researchers from all Colleges, Departments, and Centers to come together to discuss possible collaborations surrounding defined topics. The goal of Collaborative Collision events is to foster interdisciplinary collaborations by providing an atmosphere to discuss researcher’s expertise, potential contributions to a research team, and partnerships to enhance their own research.

New this year, the Office of Proposal Development is pleased to announce the availability of competitive funding for project teams that form as a result of Collaborative Collision. The Collaborative Collision seed fund will award one grant for up to $25,000 to the most promising new team that can demonstrate a future path towards external funding. Full details and requirements can be be found at the Collaborative Collision Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Past Collaborative Collision Topics


  • Collaborative Collision: 2018 (Keynote Presentation from Department of Defense) (Spring 2019)